Ranging from the ages of 4 to mid-60s, from lawyers to mothers to college kids and preschoolers, RABJJ is truly a community in which men and women from all walks to life come together to work toward their goals. You can find husbands and wives training together. Fathers and daughters. Brothers and sisters.

RABJJ is a community that so many call home, where all our members develop long term friendships in a positive, healthy and fun-loving environment.

We have strive to develop a more a intellectual and humane approach to self defense. Our techniques on the ground are unparalleled to rape prevention and abduction. For kids our anti-Bullying program and Character Development program promotes non-violence through respect, discipline and Compassion.

We emphasize the value of constant learning and self-improvement, and as a result, our students develop highly effective self-defense techniques and experience new levels of confidence and empowerment.

At RABJJ we currently teach the 6 Pillars of Jiu Jitsu for Life as our character and moral education curriculum:

Trustworthiness -Discipline - Courage - Respect - Responsibility - Citizenship

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