We are people just like you! We are parents, husbands, wives, siblings and grandparents, neighbors and friends.Lawyers, college students, doctors, school teachers, people from all walks of life...
RABJJ is truly a community in which men and women from all walks to life come together to work toward their fitness goals
Ranging from the ages of 4 to mid-60s, from lawyers to mothers to college kids and preschoolers. You can find husbands and wives training together. Fathers and daughters. Brothers and sisters.



Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy and safe lifestyle you can be proud of. 

We focus on teaching you and your family valuable life skills, such as perseverance, focus, and self-discipline. Our adult members notice a change in their body and their confidence as they gain new self-defense abilities and fitness levels. For kids and teens, self-defense skills are taught in a pleasant, fun environment stressing academic achievement, increased focus while boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our classes and programs were built with families in mind that's why we emphasize the value of constant learning and self-improvement, and as a result, our students develop highly effective self-defense techniques and experience new levels of confidence and empowerment.

We have strived to develop a more an intellectual and humane approach to self-defense. Our techniques on the ground are unparalleled to rape prevention and abduction. For kids, our anti-Bullying program and Character Development program promotes non-violence through respect, discipline, and Compassion.


Because we care! when people train Jiu Jitsu, great things happen for our bodies and our minds, and our local and global communities.­­ Focusing on our  6 Pillars of" Jiu Jitsu Way of Life" as our character and moral education curriculum:
Trustworthiness -Discipline - Courage - Respect - Responsibility - Citizenship
RABJJ is a community that so many call home, where all our members develop long term friendships in a positive, healthy and fun-loving environment.
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