• Bully Proof Your Child

    Your teen will be able able to deal with the most intimidating bullies and become strongly inmune to peer pressure.

  • Confidence, Discipline & Self Esteem

    Our classes contain elements of structure such as consistency and ritual. Learning more self control, focus and greater organizational skills.

  • The Never Ending Season

    Many team sports are seasonally. We have classes year round allowing children to progress at a much quicker pace.

  • Belts & Rankings

    Public recognition among peers for the students's effort and progress. Jiu Jitsu ranking system helps teach children to set goals and achieve them, to persevere and prioritize.

  • No One Sits On The Bench

    At RABJJ all kids get equal "playing time". The consistency and availability helps children develop their skills and abilities blooming their natural talents.

  • Weight Control & Athletic Development

    During our classes the workout each child gets will not only assist in natural development of his or her muscles, but also helps them build stronger Cardio-Vascular systems.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Jiu Jitsu will inspire a love for physical Activity fostering healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Goal Setting and Achieving

    Jiu Jitsu teaches them how to use their talents and develop the confidence in order to succeed at school and sports.

  • Positive Attitude & Organized Curriculum

    Increased focus ans attention leading to better grades and improved behavior

  • Gender Equality

    While many parents would consider Martial Arts for their son, not nearly as many would consider it for their daughters. At RABJJ academy we have a large amount of girls in our Jr Program and in many classes they outnumber the boys. The girls are among the most technically proficient students.


At Ricardo Almeida Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we believe Jiu Jitsu is the best program for self development, self defense and self confidence. Our experienced Jiu Jitsu instructors break the technique down in smaller steps that makes it easier and more fun to learn.

Whether your kid is a martial arts beginner or already has experience in other Martial Arts, Ricardo Almeida’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes promise to deliver benefits above and beyond fitness and grappling.


    Hands down, joining RABJJ has been the best decision my boys ever made. The facility is brand new, the coaching staff are amazing but most importantly, the benefits of Jiu Jitsu are remarkable. Strength, focus, stamina, reflexes, coordination and balance have all dramatically improved for both. My oldest says that this program helped him get through the challenging Army Ranger program and it helps my younger one with his wrestling in high school. It's not just a sport , it's a way of life that includes healthy eating and living. As a parent, I am very impressed with the level of respect that is expected and shown both on and off the mat. The students like that and look forward to going to the classes. I look forward to taking them!

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